The Feed Philly Coalition is dedicated to curbing food insecurity in Philadelphia through innovative food rescue initiatives, community-driven support systems, introduction and application of new technologies and growing systems as well as impactful education and advocacy efforts. Our vision is to build a sustainable food infrastructure that not only alleviates hunger but also fosters long-term food security for all residents of our city.

In Philadelphia, 1 out of 5 residents is food insecure. As the sixth largest city in America, this percentage represents over 330,000 citizens unsure of their next meal.

Philadelphia sits tenth on America’s Top Ten Hungriest Cities.  Simultaneously, the Philadelphia Department of Streets has reported over 480,000,000 pounds of food goes to waste every year. The food available in Philadelphia is not feeding those in need. Our current individual methods of food rescue and food distribution are not enough.

It is the vision of Feed Philly Coalition, a local nonprofit, to establish infrastructure to promote systematic food sustainability that will decrease hunger in Philadelphia. With our partners and support on the city-level, we can make this vision a reality with food upcycling.                                        

 A Note From Our Director:

“I was driven to start The Feed Philly Coalition as a restaurateur, driven by the realization that the inequities in our food system were far too glaring to ignore. While admirable efforts are happening, we feel that the existing approaches, although admirable and well-intentioned and I have many friends in the space who, in their heart of hearts, will tell you the same thing – we just are not effectively addressing the problem. In fact, it is getting worse and the unfortunate reality is it will continue to get worse. I felt I had to do something, no matter how small, to channel my passion for food into a movement that seeks not just to feed the hungry, but also to transform the systems that perpetuate hunger. Together, we’re striving to create lasting change, nourishing not just bodies but the very essence of our communities.”



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