Driving Away Hunger During Ramadan with Senator Sharif Street

This month we are observing Ramadan, the holy month of fasting for the Muslim community. We were pleased to welcome State Senator Sharif Street, along with several other prominent elected officials, business leaders, and community supporters, to the Philabundance Community Kitchen to announce the 2024 Driving Hunger Away During Ramadan campaign.

7,600 nutritious and culturally appropriate meals will be distributed to communities in need in Philadelphia. The meals, created with the Muslim culture in mind, will be crafted by the talented PCK culinary arts team.


“We have a commitment to provide people with food, not just food, but healthy food, to provide people with culturally responsible food, to provide people with food that meets their needs, and this program hits all those notes, and we appreciate it,” said Philabundance CEO Loree Jones Brown.

Ramadan, which is observed Monday, March 11th through Tuesday, April 9th, is a sacred time of fasting, introspection, self-improvement, and heightened devotion to prayer. Muslims are expected to fast from sundown to sunset, and those unable to fast are encouraged to help feed others in need.

The Driving Hunger Away During Ramadan initiative was conceived following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 which saw practicing Muslims feed their neighbors in lieu of fasting due to health risks associated with COVID. Charitable contribution is an appropriate way to recognize the holy month. Philabundance saw a 60 percent increase in clients served throughout the Philadelphia region during the pandemic. 


“In the midst of the pandemic, we saw a tremendous opportunity to address food insecurity. It’s the opportunity to reach out to others and to provide good. The food isn’t just distributed to just Muslims, but to anyone that needs it,” said Senator Street.

Community members can pick up their meals at a different site each day, including housing developments, recreation centers, community and cultural centers, medical facilities, and more. For a full list of dates and locations, and to pre-register, visit Senator Street’s website at senatorsharifstreet.com, or call (215) 227-6161.

Many thanks to our sponsors, Dedicated Senior Medical Center, Office of State Rep. Danilo Burgos, GPASS, Masjidullah Center for Human Excellence, NOMO Foundation, Shoprite Brown’s Super Stores, and PA Health & Wellness. 



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